Ran Online is an MMROPG game. Some features include farming, battles between players and guilds, dueling, trading and to also meet friends in-game.
You just need to level up your character, build skills and items, farm, and participate in boss hunt. And surely, you will not be left behind.
Traditionally, Ran online uses "gold" to buy items. We can also sell and vend items in-game using the business store card.
But to make it globally competitive, we are introducing Ran Crypto World (RCW).
As players, you just need to participate in PvP's, tyranny wars, club wars, club death, school wars and capture flags which give you a lot of opportunities to earn and convert cryptos.
Other than that, we also need to complete missions in the daily quest. And each quests guarantee you RCW tokens.
Furthermore, staying online for 1 hour is equivalent to 1 RCW token.
Last modified 3mo ago
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