RCW management is currently on the process of planning to have a free to create character, free to play and pay to earn features and systems.
🖱Free to Play System
In the free to play system, you can create characters but restrictions are as follows:
🚫will not be able to earn RCW tokens
🚫will not be able to access our DAPP website
🚫will not be able to purchase items in DAPP
🔑Trade, buy and sell from and to other players
🔑Purchase items from DAPP through players who can access the website
🖱Pay to Earn System
Items which are purchased from DAPP can earn RCW tokens.
You can secure an item from DAPP via players with access from the website.
These players IGN are highlighted with 🟢green for you to know that they are legitimate 'pay to earn' players.
Ran crypto world is the 1st blockchain ran online that where you can earn crypto.
❓How you can earn money in this game? ✅As you play, you can earn RCW tokens which you can convert to BNB. ✅BNB is a blockchain platform in which we can trade crypto currencies. ✅You can convert the value of RCW token to BNB and to PHP.
❓How much can we earn on ran online crypto world? ✅It depends on the value of our rcw token.
💥To know more, you can check it on dextool, poocoin, coingecko, coinmarketcap, sniptools etc.
❓So how we can earn rcw token ingame? ✅You can earn while doing Daily quest, afk, PVP.
❓Will there be tournaments? ✅Yes in the near future just like club domination, conqueror's path, and player vs player team. #LONGTERM #RCW #RCWTOKEN #F2PxP2E
Last modified 1yr ago